Lent Lectures


The Southwold Lent Lecture Series

Due to Covid-19 restrictions there is no Lent Lecture series running this year.  However the first 3 lectures that were able to take place from last years series are available to listen to again below.

Topics of Public Concern

Recordings of these lectures can be found at the bottom of this page.

This year’s Lent Lectures will deal with matters of great public concern in our modern world. In the first two subjects there will be two lectures, the first being on the biblical basis for Christian reflection and the second on "so what do we do now?" The last lecture will stand on its own.

The Environment

1 March          The Biblical Basis

  • Dr Hilary Marlow
  • University of Cambridge

8 March          So what can I do?

  • The Revd Sandie Barton
  • Suffolk Diocesan Environment Officer


Debt and Poverty

15 March        The Biblical Basis

  • The Revd Simon Pitcher
  • Southwold

We regret that due to the current social distancing advice from Government we have taken the decision to cancel the last two lectures planned in this years series.



TitleAuthorDate RecordedFile Size
Lent Lecture 2020 Week 3Revd Simon Pitcher19th March 202021,719 Kb
Debt and Poverty - The Biblical Basis
pptx documentLent Lecture 15 3 20.pptx
TitleAuthorDate RecordedFile Size
Lent Lecture 2020 Week 2Revd Sandie Barton8th March 202018,674 Kb
The Environment - So what can we do?
pdf documentweek 2 slides.pdf
TitleAuthorDate RecordedFile Size
Lent Lecture 2020 Week 1Dr Hilary Marlow1st March 202019,207 Kb
The Environment - The Biblical Basis